Mobile Apps: Native, Hybrid or Cross Platform Framework

What is Mobile Apps?
Software application developed specifically for wireless/ Mobility computing devices such as phone, tablets etc…rather than desktop or laptop computers.

Native Apps:
Apps that are specially made for a mobile platform and run directly and only on that platform.
iOS and Android are mobile platforms which hold the 90% share of the market.

iOS Devleopment:
Language: Objective C /Swift — Runtime oriented. Runtime is part of iOS restricted to build app on iOS machines only.
Class/ Control Library: Cocoa Touch – Based on MVC.

Android Development:
Language: Java for android–Object oriented language derived from C.
Compile into Dalvik ByteCode have Dalvik Runtime–comes as default with kit kat and later versions.
Class/ Control Library: Android APIs IDE- Eclipse/ IntelliJ IDEA.

Hybrid Apps:
Mobile apps that are deployed in an app store but are actually web apps.
Run in browser of mobile device. Consist entirely of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Frameworks- JQuery, Angular etc..
Called hybrid because they have the native part wrapped and able to use in appstore. Mobile websites are not available in web store also in website code get download from web server.but in mobile pp html, CSS and JavaScript file are stored in local.

Apache Cordova: An open source APIs like accelator, Camera, GPS etc.. Cordova does not have own IDE or tooling.
PhoneGAP: By Adobe, cordova and phonegap is same deploying package. PhoneGap related development:
iOS- XCode
WindowsPhone- VisualStudio.
To get PhoneGapBuild for deployment: Go to

Zip- www directory of app.
Then upload on website.
Then download the package.

AppBuilder: By Telerik Based on Cordova.

Ionic: AngularJS Based framework.

Cross Platform Apps:
Native mobile apps that are developed using a framework which enables the sharing of code between mobile platforms. Write once for all platforms.
One language to know. Code sharing, code reuse.
Uses a run-time Interpreter depending on product, we can use existing language skills.

Xamarin: .Net based uses C# strong features like LINQ, Generics, Async/Await etc.. Mono implementaion.
Based on Ahead-of-time compilation– Act of compiling CIL/bytecode/C C++ into a native(system-dependent) machine code with the intention of executing the resulting binary file natively.
Code sharing by Portable class Library(PCL). Dll support only windows but PCL support many other paltform.

Titanium: By appcelerator. Alloy JavaScript MVC framework support iOS, Android, BlzckBerry, Tizen
When run from IDE or deployed to the store, Platform specific package is with JavaScript code and JavaScript interpreter. Then interpreter map the JavaScript code to native code at runtime.

Sencha Touch is the leading MVC-based JavaScript frameworkfor building cross-platform mobile web applications.

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