Microsoft Azure Shared Access Signatures

Most of the Azure cloud services are resting behind the REST APIs, so we can access them through URLs and do operations. Public REST APIs has challenges associated to it's security. In Azure we have private and public resources. Public resources are those which can directly be access by anybody form anywhere who know the … Continue reading Microsoft Azure Shared Access Signatures

Azure ARM Template deployment of Web Job

ARM - Azure resource Manager Template - Json and expression based to construct deployment setting. Steps: In Visual Studio, choose File, New Project, choose C# or Visual Basic. Then select Cloud, and Azure Resource Group Choose the template. In resource group project (AzureResourceGroup1). Right-click References and select Add Reference of the WebJob Project. Add properties key value in the project reference. Add new resource to WebSite.json. … Continue reading Azure ARM Template deployment of Web Job

Azure Continuous Delivery (CD) with VSTS and Git

From Azure portal we can easily configure our Build and release definition for Azure web jobs deployment. Setting up the CI and CD for Azure web Job is currently in preview mode in Azure portal. Prerequisite: App source code must be in a Team Services Git or a GitHub repository. **At present Continuous Delivery for Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) repositories … Continue reading Azure Continuous Delivery (CD) with VSTS and Git

Data Factory

Cloud based Data integration Service. Can be think as SSIS on cloud. Key Components: Linked Service Dataset Pipeline Activity Key Features: Better automation power like In build scheduling mechanism (Json based). Fault Tolerant Pipeline execution, we can Re tries for Transient failure. Monitoring and Alerts. Staging feature for intermediate processing. Monitoring: To Do add screenshots … Continue reading Data Factory

Azure Web Job – Scheduling

Scheduling Azure WebJobs with CRON expressions: Add new file named settings.job at project root directory level. Use the Json content to define the schedule property. Below is a cron expression for every 15 min execution. {"schedule": "0 */15 * * * *" } [NoAutomaticallyTriggered] - Attribute to mark a web job function that will not be automatically triggered.