.NET -Swagger Web API for Basic Authentication

In case of Web API with Basic authentication. We have to pass the user credentials in HTTP request header.

By default swagger ui does not  have text boxes to pass the header values. But by virtue of the extensible features of swashbuckle – IOperationFilter class we can have the authorization Header input value text box in ui.

Steps to include authorization header in swagger ui.

  1. Add a class AddRequiredHeaderParameter and inherit from IOperationFilter     class AddRequiredHeaderParameter IOperationFilter
  2. Implement method Apply like below, Note the @in vlaue
    internal class AddRequiredHeaderParameter : IOperationFilter
            public void Apply(Operation operation, SchemaRegistry schemaRegistry, ApiDescription apiDescription)
                if (operation.parameters == null)
                    operation.parameters = new List<Parameter>();
                operation.parameters.Add(new Parameter
                    name = "Authorization",
                    @in = "header",
                    type = "string",
                    description = "Authorization Header",
                    required = true
                operation.parameters.Add(new Parameter
                    name = "api-version",
                    @in = "query",
                    type = "string",
                    description = "API Version ",
                    required = true

Here we have extended the Operation with two value input i.e.

Authorization – of type header, For passing the Encoded User details. like, Basic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Api-version –  of default type “query”, Supports for api versioning takes input values like 1.0/1.1

3. Next we have to include the register/include the above new class(AddRequiredHeaderParameter ) in swagger Globalconfiguration.

    .EnableSwaggerUi(c =>


After change swagger screenshot:


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