this keyword and strict mode in JavaScript

this is an referencing alias. Automatically define in the scope of a function along with arguments. In global execution context mode i.e. outside a function this will always refer to the global objects. Strict Mode: Keyword Introduced in ES5. In strict mode we can not use undeclared function. "use strict"; var v = "Hi!  I'm a … Continue reading this keyword and strict mode in JavaScript

JavaScript: Scope, Closure, Hoisting, this and new Keyword

Scope: Finding the Variable in lookup. Lexical identifier who is doing the looking. Lexical scope: Compile time scope- level wise scope search. Java script has compiler but like other compiled languages C or C++ do not sent the binary complied code. Java Script compile every time run. Interpreter language. In JavaScript, a name enters a scope in one … Continue reading JavaScript: Scope, Closure, Hoisting, this and new Keyword

JavaScript Functions

"The best thing about JavaScript is the implementation of function." -Duglous crockford In JavaScript we don't have method, class, constructor, modules. JavaScript have only Functions. Functions in JavaScript are objects. Function vs Method vs Subroutine: A method is on an object and a function is independent of an object. A subroutine does not return a value and a subroutine can change the … Continue reading JavaScript Functions

Mobile Apps: Native, Hybrid or Cross Platform Framework

What is Mobile Apps? Software application developed specifically for wireless/ Mobility computing devices such as phone, tablets etc...rather than desktop or laptop computers. Native Apps: Apps that are specially made for a mobile platform and run directly and only on that platform. iOS and Android are mobile platforms which hold the 90% share of the … Continue reading Mobile Apps: Native, Hybrid or Cross Platform Framework

JavaScript Fundamentals

JavaScript is syntactically a C family language. We will walk through some fundamentals about JavaScript. Objects: JavaScript is a object oriented language but in JavaScript object are different thing than other language "JavaScript object is an dynamic collection of properties",  an properties can be added at any time. Every property has a key string through which we … Continue reading JavaScript Fundamentals

JavaScript must know things..

# JavaScript programming Paradigm: JavaScript is a multi-programming paradigm language. JavaScript supports imperative/procedural programming with OOP and functional programming. JavaScript supports OOP with prototypical inheritance. # Functional Programming: First coined with LISP in 1958, In functional programming we use pure functions and avoid side effects i.e. we avoid to use the shared data & mutable … Continue reading JavaScript must know things..