Azure SQL/ DWH

For external access for Azure SQL, we have to update Azure Server Firewall settings in azure portal – i.e. Add client IP.  For all granted access add IP range as: - Azure SQL DB Azure Pricing based on the DTU count. Instance being controlled and managed by Microsoft. Higher the DTU count lower … Continue reading Azure SQL/ DWH

Data Factory

Cloud based Data integration Service. Can be think as SSIS on cloud. Key Components: Linked Service Dataset Pipeline Activity Key Features: Better automation power like In build scheduling mechanism (Json based). Fault Tolerant Pipeline execution, we can Re tries for Transient failure. Monitoring and Alerts. Staging feature for intermediate processing. Monitoring: To Do add screenshots … Continue reading Data Factory

Azure Web Job – Scheduling

Scheduling Azure WebJobs with CRON expressions: Add new file named settings.job at project root directory level. Use the Json content to define the schedule property. Below is a cron expression for every 15 min execution. {"schedule": "0 */15 * * * *" } [NoAutomaticallyTriggered] - Attribute to mark a web job function that will not be automatically triggered.

Knockout Fundamentals

Knockout is an MVVM JavaScript framework that allows us to quickly develop rich applications with a declarative style and rich template support. Easier to create rich, desktop-like user interfaces with JavaScript and HTML. Rich client side interactivity -- Declarative binding, Observables Key Concepts: Dependency tracking via Observables Declarative Binding:  example <input data-bind = "value: firstname"> Template support … Continue reading Knockout Fundamentals