Azure Continuous Delivery (CD) with VSTS and Git

From Azure portal we can easily configure our Build and release definition for Azure web jobs deployment. Setting up the CI and CD for Azure web Job is currently in preview mode in Azure portal.


  • App source code must be in a Team Services Git or a GitHub repository. **At present Continuous Delivery for Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) repositories are not supported.
  • Create VSTS account
  • Add project.


  • Clone Git-Repository in VS.
  • Check in project files excluding Bin/Obj/Test Files etc.
  • Go to Azure portal – Create App Service  –> Web App.
  • Continuous Deployment (preview) – select Git Details.
  • Use Git operation in VS to check in-push the code.Build and Release get triggered and can be monitored in VSTS portal.

Build Definition in VSTS


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