Knockout Fundamentals

Knockout is an MVVM JavaScript framework that allows us to quickly develop rich applications with a declarative style and rich template support.

Easier to create rich, desktop-like user interfaces with JavaScript and HTML.

Rich client side interactivity — Declarative binding, Observables

Key Concepts:

Dependency tracking via Observables

Declarative Binding:  example <input data-bind = “value: firstname”>

Template support


Separation pattern. Separation of concern : Behavior(JS) with structure(HTML)

Model(might be JSON)–View(HTML)..View Model(JS)

Create an observable:

Var myViewModel= {

firstName : ko.observable(:John”) };

Binding viewModel to the view: glue together by


Html looks for Objects bind to data context.

In above example myViewModel is the object.

Ko.observable— build in function to tell/notify the UI that if any change happen in the data model.

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