JavaScript must know things..

# JavaScript programming Paradigm:
JavaScript is a multi-programming paradigm language.
JavaScript supports imperative/procedural programming with OOP and functional programming.
JavaScript supports OOP with prototypical inheritance.

# Functional Programming: First coined with LISP in 1958, In functional programming we use pure functions and avoid side effects i.e. we avoid to use the shared data & mutable data.

Having a cake and you want to eat piece of cake, building a whole new cake leaving behind

What already there.


# Difference between classical inheritance and prototypal inheritance..
In prototypal inheritance instances inherit directly from object. In classic inheritance instances inherit from classes which induce the tight coupling. Prototypal Inheritance is advised in case we need to compose object from multiple resources.
# Pro & Cons of Functional programming against OOP.
# One way and two way data flow… In two way data binding UI fields are dynamically bind to model. ex React.js is one way. AngularJS is the two way binding.
# Monolithic and Microservice architecture.
Monolithic: Something that is monolithic is something created in one piece. characterized the tight coupling impossible to reuse the components.


Microservice: complex applications are composed of small, independent processes communicating with each other using APIs.


# Asynchronous programming in JavaScript: 

Asynchronous programming means that the engine runs in an event loop.

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