Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of things(IoT) talks about the people and devices connected that enriches the environment and our daily lives.
2008 on wards we have more connected devices than the human population and assume that this going to blast by 2020 with ~50 billion connected devices.
Connected devices mean a TV with Wi-fi or Ethernet, fitness monitors…etc.

Before IoT:
# Human being creates the data (working on screens).
# Growth is linear.
# Cost of entry is significant.
# Knowledge is hidden in data.

After IoT;
# “Things” create the data. sensors,monitors recorders.
# Growth is exponential.
# Cost of entry is trivial.
# Data-based knowledge is mined for human.(BigData).

..Things in IoT is ambiguous because it talks about anything.

Hardware with software installed in kitchen appliances, car, bathroom, or even in human heart…..

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