HTML5 Semantic markup

Semantic markup:
In HTML5 markup not only have syntactic(syntex) meaning, but semantic(related to logic) meanings.
In HTML5 we have shorten <!DOCTYPE html> description  because of not referring to Document Type Definition (DTD).
HTML 5 semantic markup for Structural Elements, elements which convey the layout of the Page.
Before HTML5 webpage are basically designed based on

. In HTML5 new elements has been added to simplify like


Blog design in HTML5:

28 New added Elements in HTML 5:


First element of page. Header can be in sections.


Fat header i.e. multiple header- subheader like


 To show relation like…


: A

t lower part(info abt copyrigts etc..) and can have more than one footers.


New tag. for self contained documents or pages.

: S

ubject area but not a article
An article can have many sections.

idebar, Nav sections,pull quotes
: Use to mark navigation section but not mark every link or sponsor links or search results on the page. Primarily for section consist of major navigation links.
 : for highlighting.
unambiguous date/time format with time zone info.



Changed Elements in HTML 5:


: For contact detail not just for postal addresses. like can have email..

                                 Anshu Kumar

to cover value pair astitledescription….
 :what author says.


an use start in header like

    1. counting at begin at.




    1. and

  are others tags that has been changed semantically.


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