JavaScript Frameworks.

Created in 1995 by Netscape as a native language run directly in browsers.
Internet of things happened with explosion of devices.One application is started being accessed by different platforms/devices.
Then software development got changed– 1st generation against OS, 2nd gen against VM and then now against browser.
Today webpages are more sophisticated running so many lines of java script code and supports so many devices(HTML 5 & JavaScript).
We have many framework to support us.Top 4 frameworks by in terms of maturity
1. Angular– More mature & have larger  community. Test focused and component driven.
2. React–Newest framework by team of Facebook. Rendering engine improved performance.
3. Ember– Deep linking
4. BackBone– Lightest 1st MVC framework. Small and very basic MVC one way bindings
5. Knockout– MVVM with two way binding.

Bootstrap.js is used for developing responsive UI.

Framework challenges: Have large programmes and sequence of running is hard to determine.
Framework event : Async is hard to determine what going to take place.
There are number of framework and library addressing the asynchronous component of code.
# RxJS             # Javascript Promises.
# Q.JS Model promises use in Angular.JS
# JQuery- It started as a tool to manipulate DOM, overtime the library become a general purpose utility. It is so popular that google provide the library in their CDN(Content distribution  network).
# When.JS

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