HTML5 Introduction

HTML5  is the 5th major revision of core HTML language of World Wide Web.
Designed to replace both HTML 4, XHTML, and the HTML DOM Level 2. Added new tags & APIs to deliver rich contents like videos etc. with-out plugins.


Tim Berners-Lee invented www
Tim Berners-Lee invented HTML
Dave Raggett drafted HTML+
HTML Working Group defined HTML 2.0
W3C Recommended HTML 3.2
W3C Recommended HTML 4.01
W3C Recommended XHTML 1.0
HTML5 WHATWG First Public Draft
HTML5 WHATWG Living Standard
HTML5 W3C Final Recommendation

Key Features:

# Responsive website i.e. size get adjusted automatically.
Design using svg tags.
# Just in time JavaScript compiler.
# Pointer lock api for gaming purpose.
# CSS3 for styling.
Introduced 28 new elements.
# Design own custom attributes.
Parser for files.
# Device orientation Portrait or horizontal.
# Local storage and session storage.

We have different Java script & DOM APIs available with HTML5.
DOM(Document Object Model) is platform and language independent interface allow to dynamically access & update the content and after processing allow it to incorporate back to the page.
API(Application Programming Language) is collection of programming instructions and standards for accessing a software application, Using API we design a product supported by the service API provides.
Few APIs example:
# Web Workers API — A JavaScript that runs in the background, independently of other scripts without affecting the performance of the page. You can continue to do whatever you want: clicking, selecting things, etc., while the web worker runs in the background.
# Drawing
# Audio/Video
# Client-side storage

You can’t define HTML5 support like this browser can’t support HTML5, rather we can detect support for individual features, like canvas, video, or geolocation based on different APIs supported by different browsers versions.

Simple HTML5 example:

— Only One DOCTYPE tag

Your browser does not support the video tag.

Note * Can use to check various browsers compatibility.

Reference sites:

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