WEB 2.0

Web 2.0 describes about the World Wide Web site pages or web applications which are not static. Term was first coined in 1999 and then later popularized by tim o’reilly in 2004.
Web 2.0 is next comulative approache towards what original World Wide Web was seen before as a common place to write and read all info.
Here with Web 2.0 users are not limited to passive viewing of pages examples are social networking sites, blogs, wiki, video sharing sites and mashups(i.e. a web page or application that uses content from different sources).
User generated content(UGC) allows the users to interact not only to read user can write also. Other like google used UGC to offer web search based on page rank alogorithm.
 # Technologies:  Client side web browser technologies are used in build likes of AJAX, Java Script, Jquery. Other technologies is Adobe Flex uses flash to upload larger data like data grids & charts but with the introduction of HTML5 in 2010 role of flash decreased.

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